How Libreture Works

3 easy steps to make the most of Libreture.

Upload your ebooks

You build your Libreture library from your existing DRM-free ebooks, digital comics & magazines. (What's DRM?)

Libreture accepts DRM-free: ePub, Mobi, PRC, PDF, CBZ, & CBR files. Or a Zip file containing any combination of those formats.

Libreture automatically processes and catalogues your ebooks. It displays the cover, title, author, description, ISBN, and as much additional data included in the book file as possible. There's no need to manually enter book details, though you might want to edit them sometimes.

Read your books

Download your books

Download your ebooks, digital comics, or magazines to any of your favourite devices. Just log-in to your library and download.

Track your reading

Keep track of your reading by changing the status of your books. You'll be able to look back and remember better how you did.

Choose your favourites

Add the books you loved to your Favourites. But choose carefully, there are only ten slots. Do you really really love that book?

Make recommendations

Recommendations help other readers. They're shorter than a review, quicker to write and easier to read. Tell us why you loved that book?

Plan your next 10

Plan your reading by adding books to your Next 10 list. They shift along when you change their status, so you don't have to think too hard about what to read next.

Add to your wishlist

Intrigued by a book in another reader's library? Add it to your Wishlist!
You'll see the book in your own library, along with handy bookshop details.

Discover new books

Libreture is designed to help you discover new books and authors.

  • Browse other people's libraries and investigate their books.
  • Wishlist books you want to buy in the future.
  • Visit bookshops via the link on a book's page.

The more fully you use Libreture, the more you - and others - get from it. So...

  • Select which bookshops you bought your ebooks from.
  • Make your library public, so others can discover more ebooks.
  • Check the public activity feed to see what others are reading.
  • Write and share recommendations.

It's a symbiotic relationship between readers: everyone providing information and using it for good things. The files themselves are never shared, only information about your books.

Start your Libreture library

With 500MB of storage, you have enough to store 100's of ebooks, absolutely free!

Need Extra Storage?

Contact me

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