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Your Libreture subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited Storage
    Safely store your entire DRM-free e-book collection in our UK-based cloud service.
  • Reading Lists
    Organise your collection into To Read, Currently Reading, Read, or Given Up.
  • Wishlists, Favourites & Recommendations
    Useful features for sorting your collection beyond a simple reading status.
  • Private by default, Public by choice
    Your ePub and Mobi e-books are always safe. Making your library public only shows information about your books.
  • Publicity Settings
    Show your friends your public e-book collections, while keeping some books hidden.
  • Activity Stream
    Keep track of your reading activity with your personal Activity Stream.
  • Download books to any device at any time
    Get your e-books on your e-reader, computer, tablet or phone whenever you need them.
  • Your personal details are safe
    Your payment card details are stored securely by the payment provider, not on Libreture.
  • Books and details stored in the UK
    Your e-books themselves are kept in the UK, as are all your personal details and all data about your books.
  • Any new features that we introduce
    You will receive all the new features we introduce, no tiered plans, no additional costs.
  • Support via e-mail, Twitter and Mastodon
    Here and ready to help, on e-mail:, Twitter: @libreture, and Mastodon: @kevinbeynon.