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Read Along: Women and Science Fiction

Get reading some great science fiction by women in this read-along with Gemma Todd.

26th of March, 2018

Discover Indie Crime Bookshops

A weekly series featuring great independent e-bookshops, continuing with a look at Crime.

10th of March, 2018

It's Read an E-Book Week!

Save 50% off a Libreture subscription for 6 months by joining between the 4th and 10th of March, 2018.

5th of March, 2018

Discover Indie Science Fiction Bookshops

A weekly series featuring great independent e-bookshops, this time it's Science Fiction.

13th of February, 2018

Discover Indie Romance Bookshops

A weekly series featuring great independent e-bookshops, starting with Romance.

3rd of February, 2018

DRM-free Find: Narrow your view to expand your horizons

How limiting the range of books you browse can sometimes uncover gems you would ordinarily miss.

21st of January, 2018

New Feature: Book Search

It's now quicker and easier to find a particular book on Libreture, thanks to our new search feature.

11th of January, 2018

Omnibus e-books and clever pricing

How publishers combine e-books into bundles and boxed sets to increase sales and introduce readers to their series'.

5th of December, 2017

Balance in my Book Collection

The women to men author balance in my book collection is rubbish. My plan to fix it.

24th of October, 2017

Publishers must rethink their approach to technology

A brief post on why the publishing industry won't get anywhere with technology unless it addresses its own lack of knowledge in the field.

9th of October, 2017

New Features: Wishlists and Recommendations

Two new features make it even easier to plan your book-buying, and share your love for a book with others.

26th of September, 2017

Keep your e-reader safe with a Book Buddle

There are always plenty of accessories and cases for Kindle e-readers. But for other brands, try a Buddle.

24th of August, 2017

Organise Your E-Books With Some New Features

A couple of new features went live on Libreture this week. They include 'Favourites' and 'Next 10'.

29th of July, 2017

DRM-free Find: Seeing Double

A new horrifyingly poetic and disturbing psychological horror novel by Karen Runge and Grey Matter Press.

23rd of July, 2017

50% Off on International Day Against DRM

Get 50% off Libreture for 6 months on International Day Against DRM, 9th of July 2017. For a future without Digital Rights Management.

2nd of July, 2017

O'Reilly Closes Their Bookshop

O'Reilly Media, the technology publisher, is no longer selling print or e-books direct to customers.

29th of June, 2017

DRM-Free Find: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps and A Taste of Honey

Poetic fantasy and amazing worlds by Kai Ashante Wilson.

7th of June, 2017

DRM-free Find: The Winds of Khalakovo

Flying ships, demons from the other side, and magical conspiracies by Bradley P. Beaulieu.

9th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: Arthur C. Clarke Award 2017 Shortlist

A look at which of the 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist are available DRM-free.

8th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: Arthur C. Clarke Award 2016 Shortlist

Which books from the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist are available DRM-free? In other words, which ones can I read?

5th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: The Fisherman

Ancient magic, a creepy tale within a tale and... fishing, in John Langan's literary horror novel.

19th of April, 2017

Who benefits from DRM?

A reminder of who benefits from DRM in e-books, and who pays for it.

13th of April, 2017

Libreture is open for business

The new personal e-book library for hardcore readers is open for business.

4th of April, 2017

DRM-free Find: Europe in Autumn, Europe at Midnight

European sci-fi that's as surprising to readers as it seems to have been for its author, Dave Hutchinson.

9th of January, 2016

DRM-free Find: Yamada Monogatari

The niche reads that big publishers let pass by and the Japanese period demon hunter drama.

20th of August, 2015

DRM-free Find: The Tales of Einarinn

The Long Tail and the Book Series. Re-launching an out-of-print series of e-books can introduce new readers to older works.

5th of May, 2015

DRM-free Find: The Bullet Catcher's Daughter

A bookshop, a cover and a ripping yarn of disguise, deception and misdirection by Rod Duncan.

30th of April, 2015

DRM-free Find: Much Secret Sorrow

L. J. Hutton's novel tells an alternative tale of Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood.

9th of December, 2014

Buying DRM-free e-books is about more than backups

Tracking reading habits is one of the more sinister aspects of Digital Rights Management.

24th of October, 2014