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Publishers must rethink their approach to technology

A brief post on why the publishing industry won't get anywhere with technology unless it addresses its own lack of knowledge in the field.

9th of October, 2017

New Features: Wishlists and Recommendations

Two new features make it even easier to plan your book-buying, and share your love for a book with others.

26th of September, 2017

Keep your e-reader safe with a Book Buddle

There are always plenty of accessories and cases for Kindle e-readers. But for other brands, try a Buddle.

24th of August, 2017

Organise Your E-Books With Some New Features

A couple of new features went live on Libreture this week. They include 'Favourites' and 'Next 10'.

29th of July, 2017

DRM-free Find: Seeing Double

A new horrifyingly poetic and disturbing psychological horror novel by Karen Runge and Grey Matter Press.

23rd of July, 2017

50% Off on International Day Against DRM

Get 50% off Libreture for 6 months on International Day Against DRM, 9th of July 2017. For a future without Digital Rights Management.

2nd of July, 2017

O'Reilly Closes Their Bookshop

O'Reilly Media, the technology publisher, is no longer selling print or e-books direct to customers.

29th of June, 2017

DRM-Free Find: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps and A Taste of Honey

Poetic fantasy and amazing worlds by Kai Ashante Wilson.

7th of June, 2017

DRM-free Find: The Winds of Khalakovo

Flying ships, demons from the other side, and magical conspiracies by Bradley P. Beaulieu.

9th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: Arthur C. Clarke Award 2017 Shortlist

A look at which of the 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist are available DRM-free.

8th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: Arthur C. Clarke Award 2016 Shortlist

Which books from the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist are available DRM-free? In other words, which ones can I read?

5th of May, 2017

DRM-free Find: The Fisherman

Ancient magic, a creepy tale within a tale and... fishing, in John Langan's literary horror novel.

19th of April, 2017

Who benefits from DRM?

A reminder of who benefits from DRM in e-books, and who pays for it.

13th of April, 2017

Libreture is open for business

The new personal e-book library for hardcore readers is open for business.

4th of April, 2017

DRM-free Find: Europe in Autumn, Europe at Midnight

European sci-fi that's as surprising to readers as it seems to have been for its author, Dave Hutchinson.

9th of January, 2016

DRM-free Find: Yamada Monogatari

The niche reads that big publishers let pass by and the Japanese period demon hunter drama.

20th of August, 2015

DRM-free Find: The Tales of Einarinn

The Long Tail and the Book Series. Re-launching an out-of-print series of e-books can introduce new readers to older works.

5th of May, 2015

DRM-free Find: The Bullet Catcher's Daughter

A bookshop, a cover and a ripping yarn of disguise, deception and misdirection by Rod Duncan.

30th of April, 2015

DRM-free Find: Much Secret Sorrow

L. J. Hutton's novel tells an alternative tale of Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood.

9th of December, 2014

Buying DRM-free e-books is about more than backups

Tracking reading habits is one of the more sinister aspects of Digital Rights Management.

24th of October, 2014