Organise Your E-Books With Some New Features

A couple of new features went live on Libreture this week. They include 'Favourites' and 'Next 10'.


Joining Libreture is about joining a movement. It's about readers who prefer buying and reading DRM-free e-books getting the same access to tools and services as those that buy from DRM-encumbered ecosystems. It's about discovering new books from DRM-free bookshops. And it's about sustainability - having a long-term plan to ensure that Libreture will be here for you as long as you want it.

A big part of that sustainability is steady, ongoing development. These latest new features are part of the final stages of Phase 1. They represent a set of basic tools to help organise your existing book collections and support sharing.

So, have a look and see what you think.


Favourites kind of speaks for itself, right? You can add any book from your own library to your favourites. But there's a catch! You can only add a maximum of ten books.

The idea is to keep the list short, so that you really have to choose what your absolute ten favourite books are. I know I could have increased the number, but when you have unlimited favourites, everything's a favourite and nothing is.

Screenshot of Favourites list.

Add books to your favourites by visiting the book's page while logged in and selecting 'Add to Favourites'. As always, if you have made your Libreture library public, your favourites list will be public too. Share it around.

So, start thinking... and choose wisely.

Next 10

The Next 10 list is a way of planning your reading, by plotting out your next 10 books to read in order.

Add books to your Next 10 by selecting a slot from the dropdown list on each book page. Will you read this book before or after that book, what about the other book you want to read?

Screenshot of Next 10 list.

Adding a book to a slot that already contains one will replace the current book. The dropdown list makes it easy to see what you've already added to your Next 10.

Changing the status of a book in your Next 10 to Currently Reading will remove it from the list and move all subsequent books up a slot.

Again, the Next 10 list is shareable and visible to others if you've made your library public.


Where's the Wishlist at?

The Wishlist feature I promised is coming soon.

I wanted to get the other features working properly first before investing in the next feature on the roadmap. But expect it in the next few weeks.


More information

A few Libreture users asked for more information in the Book Cards (the little boxes that display books in listings pages).

They asked for clearer information denoting which lists books were in, to help them sort their library, as well as other status information, such as locked/unlocked. This info is now visible to owners and, if your books are public, to other users and site visitors.

Screenshot of book card.

The latest features are also included on the book card, so you'll see icons denoting Favourites and a book's Next 10 position too.

Try out the new features and let me know what you think via Twitter, Mastodon or e-mail me at

Happy organising,

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