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I'm already finding that Libreture is a much better fit for my ebook needs than either Google Play Books or Amazon. It's truly an excellent service, and I can't wait to see where it goes over the coming years!

I'm using Libreture to manage my books now and it's a very cool service…

I recently signed up to this. It's a nice way of storing all your DRM Free eBooks in one place. You can also share your library with others! It also helps support DRM-Free authors, publishers and bookshops by allowing users to link to where they got it from.

I think its really awesome, and I've been kind of glad someone is trying to build stuff in the eReading space that isn't vertically integrated.

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  • Saga Press

    Saga Press is an all-inclusive fantasy and science fiction imprint publishing great books across the spectrum of genre, from fantasy to science fiction, commercial to literary, speculative fiction to slipstream, urban fantasy to supernatural suspense.

    An imprint of Simon & Schuster, Saga launched in 2014 as a digital-first publisher, promising DRM-free e-books.

    Initially only available through third-party retailers, Saga's books are now available direct from Simon & Schuster's web shop, but only for US customers.

    No information is displayed about book formats, but ePub is assumed.
    Books are not priced fairly compared to paper counterparts.

  • ArabLit Quarterly

    ArabLit (arablit), or Arabic Literature (in Translation), was founded by M Lynx Qualey in 2009, and has developed into a source of daily news and views on Arab and Arabic literature and translation.

    It has been used in classrooms, publishing houses, translators' & readers' homes, and elsewhere around the world. In November 2018 ArabLit launched their journal, ArabLit Quarterly.

    ArabLit Quarterly brings together short stories and poetry by exciting Arabic-language writers translated into English, as well as interviews, news and much more in each issue.

    Digital issues are available in either ePub or PDF format.

  • Joyce Chng (Author's Site)

    Born in Singapore but a global citizen, Joyce Chng writes mainly science fiction and YA.

    She likes steampunk and tales of transformation/transfiguration. Her fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres, The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future.

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