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    2nd of March, 2020
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    Bundle of Holding presents bargain-priced, time-limited offers of tabletop roleplaying game rulebooks and RPG-related e-books to the discerning gamer.

    18th of February, 2020
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    Ylva Publishing is celebrating the month of love with swoon-worthy deals on some of their favourite books!

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Latest Bookshops

  • Planet Scumm

    Planet Scumm is a tri-annual science-fiction magazine, published by Spark & Fizz Books.

    The publication was born out of a reverence for the bizarre science fiction magazines of the ’30s, ’50s, and ’60s. Their operation is set up to discover, curate, and amplify the new digital vanguard of science fiction writers passing through the semi-pro market.

    Their digital bookshop is hosted on Gumroad and titles are available in either ePub, PDF or both formats.

    (but the pay-what-you-want option is available, if you want to help keep your favourite intergalactic publishers afloat)

  • Ticonderoga Publications

    Ticonderoga Publications is an Australian independent publishing house founded by Russell B. Farr in 1996. The publisher specialises in collections of science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories. Between 1996 and 1999, Ticonderoga Press published collections by Steven Utley, Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman and Simon Brown.

    With the best part of 15 years in business and more than 30 titles published, Ticonderoga Publications is one of Australia's longest running and productive independent presses.

    Not all books are available as e-books, but those that are come in ePub or Mobi formats.

  • Mongoose Publishing

    Based in Swindon, UK, Mongoose Publishing was founded in 2001 and within 6 months became the UK’s largest publisher of roleplaying games.

    Initially concentrating on d20 based products, Mongoose Publishing's first book was the Slayers Guide to Hobgoblins, part of the Slayers Guide series of books. Subsequent product lines followed in rapid succession with the release of the Encyclopaedia Arcane, Travellers Tales, Quintessential and Cities of Fantasy series of books.

    As well as selling many titles in e-book-only format, many have a digital option, and every print book comes with a free PDF copy.

    Digital titles are available in PDF format and are reasonably priced compared to paper copies.

  • Scarlet Ferret

    Scarlet Ferret is a new and independent DRM-free bookshop, selling hand-picked titles by selected authors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fantasy, crime and more.

    Founded by Kevin Beynon, creator of Libreture and The Epubizer, Scarlet Ferret's books push boundaries because they're truly independent. Expect a range of genres from sci-fi and fantasy, horror and steampunk, to historical fiction, crime and non-fiction. Scarlet Ferret is a curated e-bookshop, every title read and loved before hitting the shelves. Above all, expect to discover books and authors you haven't met before.

    With each book purchased at Scarlet Ferret, you receive exciting downloadable extras. It could be additional artwork or desktop wallpaper based on the book cover; it could be a recommended playlist to listen along to while reading the book; or even a map of the setting depicted in the story.

    E-books include both ePub and Mobi formats in a Zip file. Extras include a range of commonly accessible formats.

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I'm already finding that Libreture is a much better fit for my ebook needs than either Google Play Books or Amazon. It's truly an excellent service, and I can't wait to see where it goes over the coming years!

I'm using Libreture to manage my books now and it's a very cool service…

I recently signed up to this. It's a nice way of storing all your DRM Free eBooks in one place. You can also share your library with others! It also helps support DRM-Free authors, publishers and bookshops by allowing users to link to where they got it from.

I think its really awesome, and I've been kind of glad someone is trying to build stuff in the eReading space that isn't vertically integrated.

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