Do you buy DRM-free e-books?

Are you manually loading your books on to your reading device?

Worried about backing up your digital library in case the bookshop closes?

Wish you could easily share your reading activity with others?

Set your e-books free!

Store your DRM-free e-books, share your reading lists and discover your next great read with Libreture.

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  • Unlimited e-book storage for a monthly fee.
  • Upload your entire ePub and Mobi library. Download from anywhere.
  • Organise your reading lists.
  • Plan your reading activity with your actual e-book files.
  • Make your reading lists public and share with everyone.
  • Help promote DRM-free bookshops and your favourite authors.
  • Download your next To-Be-Read book straight to your reading device.

Subscribe now to get advanced notice of our launch.


Coming Soon

New features will be introduced regularly. Here are the top three features.

Bookshop Links

Record where you bought your e-books and help others buy great books from your favourite DRM-free bookshops.


Add books from other users' libraries to your own Wishlist. Plan your next book haul and where to buy them in DRM-free formats.

Custom Lists

Want to share your 'Favourite Sci Fi reads' or all the books you own 'About the Roman Empire'? Simply create a custom list, give it a name and add your books.

Banner Artwork

Personalise your Custom Lists with Libreture's specially commissioned banner artwork. Created by talented illustrators and artists, the banners will help you personalise your custom book lists to reflect what's in them. A fantasy panorama, intense space battle or a calming pattern. Some will even be exclusive to Libreture.

Activity Stream Embedding

Embed your personalised Activity Stream on your own website or blog. Share your activity far and wide and promote the books you love.

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