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  • Interlude Press

    Added 17th of January, 2021

    Interlude Press is an award-winning boutique publisher of LGBTQ general and romantic fiction.

    Veterans in the fields of publishing, technology, and media founded Interlude Press in 2014 to feature novels ...

    Interlude Press

  • Artyom Trakhanov

    Added 11th of January, 2021

    Artyom Trakhanov is a Siberian-born artist residing in St. Petersburg.

    After his North American comics debut with Image's Undertow, Artyom worked on titles like Turncoat and The 7 Deadly Sins ...

    Artyom Trakhanov

  • Phillip Sevy

    Added 6th of January, 2021

    Phillip Sevy began his comics career with "Heartless Dark" a weekly webcomic he wrote, penciled, inked, and colored. At its conclusion, Phillip attended the Savannah College of Art and Design ...

    Phillip Sevy

  • Mario Candelaria

    Added 6th of January, 2021

    Comic book writer, Mario Candelaria, sells a limited selection of comics from his own Gumroad shop.

    The most popular recent title is Tales from the Pandemic, written by MArio and ...

    Mario Candelaria

  • Jules Scheele

    Added 6th of January, 2021

    Jules is a comic artist based in Glasgow.

    Over the last few years Jules have illustrated a few books in the graphic history series from icon books, most notably Queer ...

    Jules Scheele

  • Panel Syndicate

    Added 6th of January, 2021

    Panel Syndicate hosts DRM-free digital comics directly from creators to readers around the world, for whatever the hell they want to pay.

    Panel Syndicate was founded in 2013 by writer ...

    Panel Syndicate

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    4th of January, 2021

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