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Libreture turns boring e-book files into beautiful covers and informative text.

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Specially designed for DRM-free e-books, Libreture keeps your books safe, helps you organise them into reading lists, keep track of where you bought them, and download your books to any device whenever you like.

Easy, Convenient, No Fuss

  • Upload and automatically catalogue all your DRM-free ePub, Mobi and PRC books.

  • Organise your library into handy reading lists that help you manage your collection.

  • Share your reading lists to help everyone find great DRM-free bookshops.

  • Explore other users' libraries to widen your horizons and discover your next favourite book.

  • Download your next To Be Read to any device, any time.

  • Private by default, public by choice. Keep your reading activity hidden, or publicly display some or all.

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Latest Bookshops

  • Brian McClellan (Author's Site)

    Brian McClellan is an American epic fantasy author from Cleveland, Ohio. He is known for his acclaimed Powder Mage Universe and essays on the life and business of being a writer.

    Brian sells the Powder Mage novellas direct from his site, but not the full novels. It's always better to buy as direct as possible, so if that's what you're looking for then Brian's site is certainly the place to get them.

    Books are available as a Zip file containing both ePub and Mobi formats.

  • Tincture Journal

    Tincture Journal is a quarterly e-book literary journal, featuring fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from Australia and the world.

    There is no thematic focus. Our aim is to provide a space for both new and experienced writers to publish their work.

    The current and previous issues are all freely available from their website as ePub, Mobi and PDF.

  • Owl's Flower (Author's Site)

    Author Kara Dennison and illustrator Ginger Hoesly co-created the Owl's Flower book series and sell direct from their own website.

    Their series of light novels explore the relationship between a human and an immortal, and what happens when they both actually want it to work. The first book is available for free.

    It's great to see authors and illustrators working together, and directly with their audience, to produce great new books.

    Titles are available in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats.

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What people are saying about Libreture

I'm using Libreture to manage my books now and it's a very cool service...

I recently signed up to this. It's a nice way of storing all your DRM Free eBooks in one place. You can also share your library with others! It also helps support DRM-Free authors, publishers and bookshops by allowing users to link to where they got it from.