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  • Libreture

    A couple of features to help you make the most of your e-books: Favourites & Next 10.

    19th of October, 2020
  • Libreture

    A catch-up on what we're up to, what we have planned, and where we're going.

    29th of September, 2020
  • Libreture

    Libreture's OPDS feature helps you browse and download your books on a range of compatible devices.

    4th of August, 2020

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  • Annorlunda Books

    Added 1 day, 2 hours ago (18th of October, 2020)

    Annorlunda publishes short e-books to inform, entertain, and make you think.

    Annorlunda's boks are all a littl different from the mainstream. Shorter, more diverse and usually from lesser-known authors. A great way to discover a new favourite writer you'll absolutely love!

    E-books are provided in ePub, Mobi and PDF format.

  • Werewolves Versus

    Added 5 days, 11 hours ago (14th of October, 2020)

    Werewolves Versus is an ongoing digital anthology that pits werewolves against a different physical, cultural or ideological foe in each issue.

    Werewolves might be up against Christmas, food, 1950s Americana, fashion, or professional sports. Our goal is to promote the creation and distribution of entertaining and diverse content centered on everyone’s favourite monster, the werewolf.

    Each issue is available as pay-what-you want digital download, with a minimum cost of $1. Proceeds from each sale are shared with that issue’s contributors.

  • Undertow Publications

    Added 2 weeks, 6 days ago (29th of September, 2020)

    Undertow Publications is a celebrated independent press in Canada dedicated to publishing original and unique genre fiction of exceptional literary merit. Since 2009 they’ve been publishing anthologies, collections, and novellas in hardcover, trade paperback, and eBook formats. Their books have won the Shirley Jackson Award; the British Fantasy Award; and been nominated for the World Fantasy Award.

    "We are endearingly weird, and proud of it."

    They're also home to the new Weird Horror Magazine, launching this year.

    Their e-books are available in either ePub or Mobi formats.

  • Evernight Publishing

    Added 1 month ago (14th of September, 2020)

    Evernight have been publishing smart & sexy romance novels since 2010.

    Home to a large selection of erotic e-books from a range of talented authors, Evernight use a handy Heat index to help readers decide on their next book.

    Their titles include standalone novels, series and anthologies, covering over forty romance sub-genres, ensuring something for everyone.

    Customers receive ePub, and Mobi and PDF formats with every purchase.

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Readers are storing 8,254 ebooks, digital comics and magazines with Libreture.