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What do you get when you join Libreture?

  • Free 500MB Storage
    Tonnes of room for your DRM-free e-books, digital comics & magazine collections using UK-based cloud storage. Not enough? Buy extra storage!
  • Mega easy book management
    No more inputting book titles and authors into the system. Libreture does it all for you and the book files do the work. Sooooo much easier!
  • Tracking tools
    Use the activity stream to track your reading, and useful tools to organise your books, create favourites and wishlists and make recommendations.
  • Easy access to your books
    Download your books to any device whenever you want. E-readers, computers, tablets, phones… on the train, in a cafe, at home.
  • Privacy by default
    Your books, your business. Show off individual books to your mates, but keep your secrets to yourself. Private by default, public by choice.
  • Safety and security
    Your e-books are always safe. Making your library public only shows information about your books, not the files themselves.
  • Safe data practices
    Your e-books are kept in the UK, as are all your personal details and all data about your books. Payment card details are kept by the payment provider, not on Libreture.
  • Any new features that we introduce
    You'll always get all new features at no additional cost. You only pay if you want to increase your storage capacity. Fair's fair.
  • Friendly support
    I'm here and ready to help, at, Twitter, and Mastodon. Ask me anything!