Libreture's free and paid subscription plans.

Libreture will always have a FREE plan. But for extra e-book storage, there's a range of paid plans to suit you.

You can switch plans at any time from your Account page.

Free Forever

Free forever, this plan is great for storing the average e-book collection.

  • 500MB Storage
  • FREE - No Monthly Fee

Once you've created your FREE account, you can switch between it and any of the following paid plans whenever you like.

I own ALMOST enough books

If you're growing your library of DRM-free e-books, this is the plan for you.

Best for books in ePub or Mobi/PRC format. Will fill up quickly if you add graphic titles such as comics.

  • 1GB (1,000MB) Storage
  • £2.99 Monthly Fee

YES I actually DO need all these books!

Perfect for the larger e-book library, or your DRM-free digital comic collection.

Room for your PDF, CBZ, and CBR format comics. This plan is also great for those with a huge e-book collection.

  • 5GB (5,000MB) Storage
  • £5.99 Monthly Fee

Aaaaall my precious books

This plan is definitely one for the comic fans.

The solution for storing and cataloguing your comics in one place, this plan ensures you can really get a grip on your collection.

  • 10GB (10,000MB) Storage
  • £10.99 Monthly Fee

Super Mega Comic Special Bundle

Well this is just crazy. No storage limit!

Own loads of comics or graphics-rich books? Want to store them in multiple formats? Want to ensure you have both low and high quality copies of various file sizes? Here's the plan for you.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • £15.99 Monthly Fee


A Plan for You

There's a plan to suit everyone.

You can keep an eye on your storage use from your library page. As you add more books to your library, you may want to consider switching to a paid plan with additional capacity. Or you might want to switch to a lower capacity plan if you're not using all the space you're currently paying for.

Switch plans whenever you like on your Account page.

Happy Reading!

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