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Need a bit more storage space for all your ebooks, digital comics & magazines?

Libreture will always provide a FREE account with an useful amount of DRM-free ebook storage. But for those larger collections, full of digital comics and magazines, you can upgrade your storage to suit your needs.

Start with your FREE account and upgrade your storage at any time from your Account page.



Always free! Great for storing 100's of e-books.

Extra Storage

Buy extra storage at any time from your Account page.

5 GB

£2.99 / month ∼$3.90

20 GB

£5.99 /month ∼$7.90

50 GB

£10.99 /month ∼$14.50


£15.99 /month ∼$21.00


There's room for everyone and their book collection!

Keep an eye on your storage capacity from your library page. As you add more books, you may want to Upgrade. Or maybe decrease your storage if you're not using all the space you're paying for.

Adjust your storage whenever you like from your Account page.

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