Planned new features, changes and developments for Libreture.

  • Blog
  • RSS feeds
    Activity & Blog.
  • Next Reads
    Max 10 books - numbered sequence.
  • Favourites
    Max 10 books - unordered
  • Display reading status on book-cards
  • Display lock status on book cards
  • Display owner on public book-cards
  • Wishlist
    Add other user's books to your wishlist.
  • Recommendations
    Short recommendations to help others decide on a book. No scores, only words.
  • Public Library List
    List of public user libraries to browse, with personalised social media images.
  • Bulk Upload
    Upload many e-books at a time by compressing them into zip files.
  • Sort at Upload
    Automatically assign books to specific reading lists from the upload page, instead of afterwards.
  • Search Books
    Search by: title, author, ISBN. Ability for logged-in users to narrow by location: own library, all public libraries.
  • Clarify list capacity in menu
    Include (#/10) in both Favourites and Next 10 menu items.
  • Clarify own/other Library location
    Amend selected styles of My Library and Libraries links to differentiate source library.
  • List of own recommendations
    Additional book list to display all books from a single library that the reader recommends.
  • List of public recommendations
    Additional page to display all public books that readers recommends.
  • OPDS Feed Sync
    Subscribe to your private Libreture OPDS feed to sync your entire collection with supported e-reader software, such as FBReader. (Suggested by @dmoonfire)
  • Free Plan and Paid Upgrades
    A permanently free plan, with additional paid plans for upgraded capacity. Introduced to prepare for the additional storage requirements of PDF/CBZ/CBR support.
  • Edit book information
    Facility to edit or correct missing metadata for own books.
  • Accept books with missing metadata
    Reduce upload hurdles by allowing users to upload their books first and fix missing metadata afterwards.
  • PDF/CBZ/CBR Import
    Upload PDF and CBZ/R comics and graphics-heavy books to Libreture. Convert filename into metadata.
  • Unique Activity entry pages for event
    Improve ability to share individual activity events by creating unique pages per event. (ActivityStream)
  • Public Activity page
    Show all public activity in a new feed page, making it available for discovering new books, social sharing, and search indexing.
  • Additional Upload page settings
    Easier to mark books from a particular bookshop and with privacy settings on the Upload page.
  • Improved Upload page
    Introduced overall upload progress display, per-book progress display, file renaming and cancellation/deletion.
  • Additional metadata, including multiple 'Contributor' properties
    Recognise and store more details from a book's metadata, such as multiple authors, illustrators, cover artists, publishers, and more.
  • Reviews
    Write reviews for your books. Any length - up to a maximum suitable for long-form reviews. Markdown-compatible (may include links). Completely optional.
  • Star Ratings
    Apply star ratings to your own books, including 1/2 stars (10 point). Not aggregated, since they're per unique book. Completely optional.
  • Custom Lists
    Create and name lists, then add your books to them.
  • Banner artwork
    Select banner images to add to your Custom Lists.
  • Import from 3rd party services, like Dropbox, Humble, etc.
  • Send to Libreture
    E-mail books directly to your Libreture account. For both users and bookshops.
  • Calibre OPF Support
    Integrate with Calibre libraries - more details to follow.
  • Auto-generate Bookshop Crawl shopping lists from Wishlists - Not as useful as I first thought.
  • API
    Ability to remotely manage library and activity data through an Application Programming Interface. Available for both individual users and third-party developers.
  • Pause Reading
    Mark a particular book as paused and return to it later. - Not as useful as I first thought.
  • Reader Dashboard
    Presenting useful information from your library and reading activity, including reading rate, favourite bookshops, etc.
  • Next/Previous Buttons on Book Page
    Navigate your lists or library one book at a time with next & previous buttons.
  • Send to Kindle
    Send your Mobi books directly to your Kindle using Amazon's E-mail to Kindle feature.
  • Upload widget for bookshops
    Upload your newly purchased books directly to your Libreture account from participating bookshops
  • Free e-books for Libreture subscribers
    A selection of free e-books from participating authors, to add directly to your Libreture account.
  • Activity Stream widget
    Embed your Libreture activity feed on your own website or blog.
  • Web Reader
    Read your own e-books online in Libreture.

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