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The Outskirter's Secret


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The Guidestars: two shining lights hanging motionless in the night sky. But the steerswoman Rowan has learned that there are more than two -- and that one, astoundingly, has fallen, and now lies deep in the distant Outskirts. Traveling with her friend Bel, an Outskirter warrior-poet, Rowan has a chance of surviving the wild and deadly land. But there are more secrets than one in the Outskirts:

Kevin's Recommendation

The amazing second book in what is, so far, an outstanding fantasy series.

The Outskirter's Secret expands on the concepts in the first book, but takes us out of the relative safety of the Inner Lands and into the wilderness of the Outskirts.

I can't believe I've only just started reading this series and am already on the third book.

Still a MUST READ.

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