kevin's avatar Cover of 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf

25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf


kevin's Recommendation

A brilliantly modern take on the werewolf slayer trope where a growing, changing character discovers that the real predators are usually the men in her life.

There's much more to this book than how Elkie kills werewolves and works out where they're coming from. Her relationships change, she finds out what she's capable of, not just killing 'furred-up' beasts, but farming, rescuing, growing.

kevin's avatar Cover of A Bagful of Dragon

A Bagful of Dragon


kevin's Recommendation

I proofread this book for the author, thinking it wouldn't be my kind of thing, but I LOVED IT! Loads of fun, really creepy in parts and full of magic and danger.

Set in Leeds, it includes references to actual magical practices and Yorkshire's thriving magic sub-culture.

A great, fast-paced story with a strong 'Do It Herself' female lead. Can't wait to proof read the sequel.

kevin's avatar Cover of A Duet for Invisible Strings

A Duet for Invisible Strings


kevin's Recommendation

A Duet for Invisible Strings is a romance novella filled with music, mystery, and love, with a paranormal twist, and is my perfect romance story.

The writing is often haunting, and at other times, sweetly hilarious. Which, in all, paints the most wonderful picture.

A beautiful romance that I just couldn't put down. A must read for anyone looking for deep characters in a short book.

kevin's avatar Cover of A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey


kevin's Recommendation

The beauty of the prose is only matched by the imagination behind the world-building. This novella, while short, breaks my heart, reforms it, and breaks it once more.

While the writing itself might not be to everyone's tastes, you cannot deny its beauty. Each sentence is carved and crafted, each paragraph moulded into art.

Reading Kai Ashante Wilson's work is an experience not to be missed.

kevin's avatar Cover of Anoka: A Collection of Indigenous Horror

Anoka: A Collection of Indigenous Horror


kevin's Recommendation

A fantastic collection of gut-wrenching tales.

The imagery will stay with you, as will the depth to which Shane Hawk is willing and able to explore his indigenous Cheyenne and Arapaho heritage. Crafting tales that provide a refreshing point-of-view and unique imagery that get into your brain and writhe behind your eyes.

Can't wait to read a longer work by the author. Need more!

kevin's avatar Cover of Arachne



kevin's Recommendation

Arachne is an unique entry in the cyberpunk genre. It steps between the dystopia of William Gibson and the otherworldliness of Phillip K. Dick.

Full of 'almost' body-horror, corporations so mega that they transact court cases in nanoseconds, and AI characters with more spiritualism in their circuits than the humans that inhabit this post Big-One San Francisco.

A must-read for cyberpunk fans!

kevin's avatar Cover of Babylon Steel

Babylon Steel


kevin's Recommendation

Gaie Sebold has created such a rich universe of worlds and characters in her Babylon Steel novels, that you can't help finding something to enjoy.

For me the two books have been a complete blast and I can't wait for the third... when it arrives.

They are FUN! That's not to say there's no emotion, pathos, danger and risk in them. Not at all.

An absolute riot of multi-world fantasy fiction.

kevin's avatar Cover of Becoming Crone (The Crone Wars)

Becoming Crone (The Crone Wars)


kevin's Recommendation

Fans of urban fantasy looking for a protagonist who is a little more... mature, will love Becoming Crone.

Claire has seen it all, or so she thinks. Her world-weariness, her highly-developed lack of trust, and her not-unexpected ability to expect things to go wrong make her the perfect character to introduce us to a world of witches, gargoyles, werewolves, and witches, plenty of witches.

kevin's avatar Cover of Blood Witch

Blood Witch


kevin's Recommendation

Absolutely loved this occult murder mystery novella!

It's so much fun! It's fast-paced, has tonnes of likeable characters, some f/f smoochieness, magic, demons, and vampires. And while it's the start of a series, it has a complete story of its own - ensuring you get a nice neat-ish ending at the same time as teasing more adventures to come.

Will definitely read this series!

kevin's avatar Cover of Coeur d'Alene Waters

Coeur d'Alene Waters


kevin's Recommendation

Filled with flawed characters, a corrupt police force, bought and manipulated by a wealthy local family; it's a rich background to the main tale of redemption, coming to terms and moving on.

Slow in parts, it is however, a worthwhile read in itself, serving as an insight into the mining communities of the region and their demise as a local industry and employer.

kevin's avatar Cover of Cruel Tide

Cruel Tide


kevin's Recommendation

Crime fiction is a genre I rarely venture into, but Ruth Sutton's Cumbria-set series may be my gateway.

The story nips along at a nice pace, providing plenty of information while avoiding info-dumps. The characters are likeable in their own ways and the late 60s setting is nicely done, especially the insight into the Cumbrian coastal region of that period.

I can't wait to start the sequel.

kevin's avatar Cover of Europe in Autumn

Europe in Autumn


kevin's Recommendation

Europe in Autumn, Europe at Midnight and Europe in Winter by Dave Hutchinson, combine a believable and prescient view of a soon-to-be Europe with a strange, almost fantastical twist.

It reminds me in part of China MiƩville's The City and the City, while also showing flashes of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, with its "technocultural future-present" setting.

All three are great reads!

kevin's avatar Cover of Even When the World Has Told Us We Have Ended

Even When the World Has Told Us We Have Ended


kevin's Recommendation

If you haven't read any of Cat Hellisen's books before, read this first.

A beautifully crafted tale. Otherwordly, sinister, near-horror, it has sides and edges I couldn't grasp, as my eyes slid off them, unable to focus while it slowly insinuated its pages, paragraphs, sentences, words, and letters into my brain.

A MUST READ, and it will only be the beginning of your journey!

kevin's avatar Cover of Fermi's Progress 1: Dyson's Fear

Fermi's Progress 1: Dyson's Fear


kevin's Recommendation

This book got me hooked!

It delivers hard science fiction, pathos, beautifully dark comedy, a dig at every lazy sci-fi trope in existence, plenty of laughs, and is simply a must-read.

You know what you're getting into from the clever book titles. The humour is Jonathan Swift meets Red Dwarf. And the science is terrifyingly accurate...


kevin's avatar Cover of Fermi's Progress 4: The Phone Job

Fermi's Progress 4: The Phone Job


kevin's Recommendation

The Phone Job continues the journey we're all on together, and concludes it in the most space opera way possible. Not only with a bang, but with hope.

Fermi's Progress is a collection of novellas that read like Red Dwarf meets DS9, crashes into Blake's Seven, by way of every single Gerry Anderson series, and a whole lot of Space 1999.

This is great science fiction you'll love.

kevin's avatar Cover of Fermi's Progress: Planet of the Apiaries

Fermi's Progress: Planet of the Apiaries


kevin's Recommendation

The Fermi crew is a mess, but in Planet of the Apiaries, they're starting to come together. Starting to discover their roles, and what each of them means to the others... even if they can't remember them all.

The sci-fi references come thick and fast, but are never exclusionary. This fantastic third instalment ups the ante and drops a bombshell in its final line!

Must read sci-fi!

kevin's avatar Cover of FIYAH - Issue One [EPUB]

FIYAH - Issue One [EPUB]


kevin's Recommendation

I was expecting to be impressed. But instead I was STUNNED!

FIYAH Literary Magazine is an essential work. While the included stories can all be considered speculative fiction, the breadth of ideas is astounding.

It's all finished off with a nice sample of a self-published work. A great idea.

If the subsequent issues are half as good as this first one, you should definitely subscribe.

kevin's avatar Cover of Inside Evil

Inside Evil


kevin's Recommendation

A really fun read, with more depth and suspense than you might expect.

A parallel world, murder, a seemingly-sleepy village hiding deadly secrets.

A surprise hit with me, this is the first on a series that I really want to get back to.

kevin's avatar Cover of Jaran



kevin's Recommendation

A beautiful, contemplative journey.

It's hard to slot Jaran into a genre. It's been called "anthropological science fiction", and that kind of fits. But it doesn't cover the ideas of wonder, nature, culture and love, found with a new people on a new world.

If you liked Rosemarie Kirstein's Steerswoman series, Jaran let's you explore and fall in love with another way of life all over again.

kevin's avatar Cover of Jiwe



kevin's Recommendation

A fantastic and fantastical short tale that provides a much-needed respite from medieval-styled Western fantasy.

Written in a mythological format, Jiwe gives us a world of magic, gods, and the usual evils of man. Curses intended to redress balance and strong women working to save broken lives.

Kiko Enjani's work is sublime, and I can't wait to read her longer stories.

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