The Language of Power cover image.

The Language of Power

by Rosemary Kirstein

Following a slim clue, the steerswoman Rowan comes to the city of Donner hoping to learn more about the master-wizard Slado. But as the new facts add up, a strange tale from the past emerges, a tale behind all the secrets of the present. Luckily, the Outskirter Bel is on hand to watch Rowan's back. Because there's one sure way to know that Rowan is on the right track: Someone will try to kill her.
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  • Book Format: EPUB
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Kevin's Recommendation

An amazing instalment in the Steerswoman fantasy series.

We're back to the Inner Lands know and we're learning more and more about this world and what's going on.

In this book, we finally see what wizards can do. And the steerswoman and the Outlander take the fight straight to their door.

If you enjoy excellent world-building and puzzling plots, start reading The Steerswoman series. Now!

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