Details on Libreture's privacy practices.

Data Privacy

Libreture does not share your personal details or information on your book collection and reading habits with any third-parties.

Libreture uses SSL throughout, meaning your entire interaction with Libreture is secure.

If you make your library public, your book collection is visible to the general public and will be indexed by search engines.

Your payment details are recorded securely and directly with our payment provider and are not recorded on Libreture.


This site collects anonymous statistical information about logged-out visitors only.

Recorded data includes which pages and how long visitors stay on each. To do this, the site records an anonymised copy of the visitor's IP address (What's an IP address?). It anonymises it by removing the last 2 bytes e.g.

I don't use Google Analytics, but instead manage my own installation of Matomo (formerly Piwik). Only I can access the data and I use it to see how many visitors Libreture attracts, what works and what doesn't.

Opt Out of Analytics

You can opt-out of your visits to Libreture being tracked using some of the options detailed below, such as the opt-out cookie setting, using the Do Not Track feature of your browser, or browser-based privacy tools.

Please note: If you clear your browser's stored cookies, any changes to this setting could revert to opt-in. For a more permanent solution, please consider using a browser that supports Do Not Track, such as Firefox.

Do Not Track

This website respects the Do Not Track preference of your browser (What's Do Not Track?). If you have activated Do Not Track in your browser's settings, no information about your visits will be recorded.

You may experience a certificate warning when using Libreture through an old browser, such as on an e-reader. This is due to older browsers not recognising new SSL Certification Authorities, such as Let's Encrypt, which I use for the analytics package. The security certificate is still valid, and if you can, please select whichever option allows you to continue.

Social Plug-ins

This site uses Twitter's Tweet and Facebook's Share buttons to help visitors share activity or book information with their followers and friends. You may wish to disable these by installing a privacy protection tool in your browser, such as the Disconnect or uBlock Origin plug-ins.

Reading Privacy

You may want to keep your entire library private or just keep some books secret for all sorts of reasons… I'm not judging.

I think the privacy options in Libreture work in the majority of cases, but let me know if you have any suggestions.

When you first join Libreture, your Library is already private. You can change this at any time by visiting your library and selecting Make my library public. You can make it private again by selecting Make my library private.

To exclude individual books from ever being public, regardless of your library setting, select Lock this book in a book's individual page.

Private libraries and locked books do not appear in public lists or public activity feeds.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch about Libreture, feel free to contact me at or Twitter (@libreture) or Mastodon (

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