About Libreture

E-book storage for hardcore readers.

Launched in 2017, Libreture is an alternative platform for readers who want the benefits of an e-book storage service, but without the dodgy practices of the large e-book retailers.

Store your e-books, organise them into reading lists, and discover great new titles with Libreture.

With Libreture, you can store all your DRM-free e-books and download them to any e-reader whenever you want - no more cables!

Libreture helps you plan your reading, record what you've read, and share your activity with others. Libreture keeps your purchases safe; no more books lost every time an online bookstore closes. You don't even have to remember where you bought them. If something goes wrong, you can download them again from Libreture.

Libreture is a direct response to the dodgy, monopolistic practices of the large book retailers, publishers and distributors.

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Why I built Libreture

I am an avid e-book reader and was once a Kindle-owner. After news of Amazon's UK tax-avoidance broke I decided to boycott them and immediately started looking for alternative e-bookshops.

I concentrated on DRM-free sellers, to ensure I could read my purchases on any device. I also wanted to support small and independent publishers and bookshops. With this in mind, I started compiling a list of DRM-free bookshops. The list is still growing and it is a key component of Libreture - allowing users to record where they bought their DRM-free books and helping others discover new bookshops.

A big part of using Amazon is the book management tools it provides. To avoid these, I began using Shelfari, a library management website. Shelfari was a great tool, but before long, the owners sold it to Amazon. So I moved to Goodreads.

When the owners of Goodreads also sold their business to Amazon in 2013, I had finally had enough. I decided to build my own stable platform on which to record my reading activity, and to promote DRM-free bookshops and publishers.

Libreture launched in March, 2017.

A comment from a Goodreads user on hearing the news that Goodreads had sold their business to Amazon:

"What terrible news. Loss of an independent reader community, now another channel for the faceless machine to leech reader data to withhold from suffering publishers & booksellers. If through this account Amazon has a record of my reading habits I will be deleting the account. Very sad."
Laura - 28/03/2013
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Libreture's monthly fee ensures that keeping your books safe is my top priority.

Libreture doesn't offer a discounted annual rate that only saves money for those that can afford to pay up front. The fee is fixed for everyone and covers the cost of development, infrastructure, unlimited storage for your books, as well as a small profit margin. I believe it's as low as I can go while keeping Libreture sustainable (which means keeping me in tea and biscuits).

A monthly subscription ensures that costs are covered as soon as they happen, such as when a load of books are uploaded. It also gives you the flexibility to cancel whenever you want and only pay for the remainder of the month.

The fee also exists to ensure that you, the customer, are always the most important part of Libreture. No advertising, no selling data and no sellouts. It's just you the customer, me at Libreture, and loads and loads of great books.


Data privacy is extremely important to me.

What you read says a lot about you. That's why Libreture user's book collections, or libraries, are private by default. Users must make their library public before anyone else can see them.

Even if they make their entire library public, users can still lock individual books so they never appear publicly, regardless of their library-wide setting.

New users don't even need to provide their real name when joining Libreture. An avatar is optional and is stored on Libreture. Details are stored in an encrypted format.

More about privacy.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch about Libreture, feel free to contact me at support@libreture.com or Twitter (@libreture) or Mastodon (@kevinbeynon@mastodon.social).

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