About Libreture

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Founding story

I'm Kevin Beynon. 20 years into a career in e-learning management in the UK charity sector, I took a left turn in 2017 to launch Libreture. Why? Because, as an avid reader, the independent book industry matters to me.

  • I believe that readers should be able to own their ebooks, not just license them. So I buy DRM-free books.
  • While major publishers are getting fewer and fewer due to monopolisation, I believe that the independent book industry holds more creativity and freedom than ever before.
  • I believe that readers can be an active part of a sustainable independent book industry, by buying from bookshops, not donating money to them.

Above everything, I believe in fairness. Fair pricing, fair treatment, and sustainability.

Libreture does all of that.

Three years on, and with a two-year-old toddler who has a book obsession (and a strong sense of fairness), I'm still sure I did the right thing.

Why I built Libreture

Mission & Values

I'm on a mission to support independent publishing - sustainably.

To do this, Libreture helps readers discover new books, new authors, and new publishers while they store their books in a safe place for easy access.

Fair pricing

Libreture's free account is free forever.

When you pay for Extra Storage, the space is what you're paying for. All Libreture's features are available to everyone, even free accounts.

There are no discounted annual fees on Libreture because those are unfair on people whose incomes are too low to make large single payments.

Pricing & Fair Tax

Fair treatment

Libreture is a DRM-free storage service. DRM in ebooks is bad for consumers and inconveniences only genuine customers.

BUT your books are safe with Libreture. No thieves can get their mits on your books. (Yes, they've tried; no, they didn't succeed).

Private by default – public by choice. Your library reflects you and your books are your business. It's up to you if you make your library public.

Privacy & your data

Sustainable by design

Choosing to make your library public does a very special thing on Libreture. As a reader, you stop being a passive consumer and become an active part of the book industry's sustainability.

By listing where you bought a book from, you create a link that enables other readers to find that book and buy it.

Libreture uses no advertising, no affiliate links and it sells no data. It's sustainable by design. A network of books, bookshop links and recommendations.

How Libreture works


Contact me

Feel free to get in touch about Libreture. Contact me at kevin@libreture.com or Twitter or Mastodon.

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