About Libreture

The personal e-book library for hardcore readers.

Do you buy DRM-free e-books?

Do you manually load your books on to your e-reader?

Worried about losing your digital library when bookshops close down?

Wish you could easily share your reading activity with others?

Then Libreture is for you!

The personal e-book library for hardcore readers.

Store all your DRM-free e-books and download them to any e-reader whenever you want - no more cables!

Libreture helps you plan your reading, record what you've read, and share your activity with others. No more books lost every time an online bookstore closes. Libreture keeps your purchases safe; you don't even have to remember where you bought them. If something goes wrong, you can download them again from Libreture.

For a monthly fee, Libreture keeps your DRM-free ePub and Mobi books safe, lets you manage them through the website, and download them to any device whenever you want.

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Current Features

  • Unlimited Storage
    Safely store your entire e-book collection in our UK-based cloud service.
  • Reading Lists
    Organise your collection into To Read, Currently Reading, Read or Given Up.
  • Public User Libraries
    Make your library public and let others view your e-book collection.
  • Private by default
    Libraries are private by default and you can always hide individual books.
  • Activity Stream
    Keep track of your reading activity with your personal Activity Stream.
  • Download books to any device at any time
    Get to your e-books on your e-reader, computer, tablet or phone whenever you want. (Only you can download your books.)
  • Your personal details are safe
    For added security, we encrypt your username, e-mail address, and password (which is all we require). Your payment card details are stored securely by the payment provider.
  • Books and details stored in the UK
    Your e-books themselves are kept in the UK, as are all your personal details and any additional data about the books.
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Why I built Libreture

Libreture exists to solve what I see as the three main problems related to the consumer side of e-books.

They are:

  • Discoverability
    It's hard to track down the best books to read with so many different bookshops.
  • Purchasing
    Buying the right kind of e-book in a DRM-free format and getting it on to your e-reader can be a painful process.
  • Storage and management
    Without an easy storage mechanism it's difficult to keep all your purchased e-books safe, manage your reading lists and get access to your books whenever you want.

These are problems I have had with the current state of e-books and I believe Libreture goes someway towards addressing them.

Find out more about this in an article on Scarlet Ferret.


Libreture's monthly fee ensures that keeping your books safe is my top priority.

Libreture doesn't offer a discounted annual rate that only saves money for those that can afford to pay up front. The fee is fixed for everyone and covers the cost of development, infrastructure, unlimited storage for your books, as well as a small profit margin. I believe it's as low as I can go while keeping Libreture sustainable (which means keeping me in tea and biscuits).

A monthly subscription ensures that costs are covered as soon as they happen, such as when a load of books are uploaded. It also gives you the flexibility to cancel whenever you want and only pay for the remainder of the month.

The fee also exists to ensure that you, the customer, are always the most important part of Libreture. No advertising, no selling data and no sellouts. It's just you the customer, me at Libreture, and loads and loads of great books.


Data privacy is extremely important to me.

What you read says a lot about you. That's why Libreture book collections, or libraries, are private by default. You have to actively make your library public before anyone else can see it.

Even if you make your entire library public, you can still lock individual books so they never appear publicly, regardless of your library-wide setting.

You don't even need to provide your real name when joining Libreture. An avatar is optional and is stored on Libreture. Your details are stored in an encrypted format.

More about privacy.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch about Libreture, feel free to contact me at support@libreture.com or Twitter (@libreture) or Mastodon (@kevinbeynon@mastodon.social).

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