About Libreture

When everything else is wrong with the world, what do you do?

You read.

Libreture was conceived as a little drop of fairness in an increasingly unjust world. It might look like an ebook storage space, but it's built on the principle of treating everyone the same, regardless of how much they pay.

Our aim is to help make independent ebook publishing more sustainable, by helping readers find great ebooks to read.

We're a tiny, family-run business, based in the north of England, and we're glad to welcome you to the new home for all your DRM-free ebooks.


Find out how Libreture works or check out our FAQ if you have any questions.



As avid readers, the independent book industry matters to us.

We believe:

  • Readers should be able to own their ebooks, not just license them.
  • Major publishers are getting fewer through monopolisation, but the independent book industry demonstrates more creativity and freedom than ever before.
  • Readers can be an active part of a sustainable independent book industry, by buying from bookshops, not simply donating money to them.

Above everything, we believe in fairness. Fair pricing, fair treatment, and sustainability.

Libreture does all of that.

We're on a mission to support independent publishing and readers - sustainably.


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