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Data Privacy

As a reader, Data Privacy is extremely important to me.

Private by default

What you read says a lot about you. That's why your library on Libreture is private by default. You must actively choose to make your library publicly visible before anyone else can see them.

Individual book privacy settings

Even if you make your library public, you can still make individual books private. These books never appear as public, regardless of your library-wide setting.

Keep your identity private too (if you want)

You don't need to provide your real name when joining Libreture. An avatar is also optional and, if added, is only stored on Libreture. All your details are stored in the UK.

You can find more information in the Privacy Policy:

Libreture Privacy Policy
(Updated: 26/05/2018)

Reading Privacy

Only book information is shared

Your actual book files are never shared, only information about your books, and only if you choose to make your library public.

Change your library privacy settings to suit

When you first join Libreture, your Library is already private. You can change this at any time. Just visit your library and select Make my library public. You can make it private again just as easily, by selecting Make my library private.

Keep your secret books ... private

To exclude individual books from displaying publicly, regardless of your library's overall privacy setting, select Make Private on an individual book page.

Private means properly private

Private libraries and private books are only visible to you - never to other users or the public, including search engines.

Do not feel obliged to make your library public

Libreture is funded by users' storage subscriptions, so it makes no difference to Libreture's revenue whether you keep your library private or not. Libreture's business model is specifically designed not to sell data or advertising space.

Libreture Privacy Policy
(Updated: 26/05/2018)


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