Ethical Approach

My ethics are visible and run throughout Libreture. I believe that the kind of person that I am is reflected in how I run my business.

The ethical approach I've taken with Libreture can be summarised in these approaches:

  • DRM-free
    Libreture is a DRM-free storage service. DRM in e-books is anti-consumer, and only inconveniences paying customers.
  • Pricing Policy
    Libreture's free account will be free forever. And our paid Extra Storage is tiered by storage capacity, not features. I believe this is fairer than building features, then locking them away from lower paying customers. And it hopefully better reflects the customer's ability and desire to pay more or less. See Pricing & Fair Tax
  • No Annual Discounting
    Libreture does not offer a discounted annual fee, since it can disadvantage those whose income doesn't allow larger single payments.
  • No Advertising
    Libreture does not advertise, use or provide affiliate links, or sell any data.
  • No Selling Out
    I have no intention of building up Libreture only to sell it to someone else. This is a long-term project built on trust and sustainability.
  • Private by Default - Public by Choice
    Your library reflects you, and your books are your business. If you choose to make your library public, that's great! But it's your choice, and your library will always be private, unless you choose to make it public. See Privacy Policy


Contact me

Feel free to get in touch about Libreture. Contact me at or Twitter or Mastodon.

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