For Bookshops

We can help each other by helping readers.

Libreture is an independent platform for readers to store their e-books, catalogue and sort them, and share their reading activity with others. But Libreture is also here to support DRM-free bookshops.

DRM-free Bookshop List

Have I included your DRM-free bookshop in my list?

If not, get in touch so I can add it. The list gets around 500 hits a month and helps readers find bookshops.

Add to Libreture

Since your bookshop is in competition with Amazon, let's give each other a leg up.

You can use the Add to Libreture button on your bookshop's library or download page, next to each download link for purchased books.

Users can then add the books they've bought directly to their Libreture library. Your bookshop will be automatically tagged as the source shop, meaning anyone viewing that book's page on Libreture will find the link to your shop.


Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (ePub)

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