For Independent Bookshops

We can help readers by helping each other.

Libreture is an independent platform for readers to store their e-books & digital comics and share their reading activity with others. But Libreture is also here to support the independent bookshops that sell those books.

I founded Libreture to provide an alternative storage platform for e-book readers. It specifically supports DRM-free e-books, and helps readers keep track of their reading. It's a paid service, meaning it is answerable to its customers - the readers, not advertisers. I believe this is the best and most sustainable approach.

If you run an independent e-bookshop, here are some ways to get involved and support your readers.

DRM-free Bookshop List

Is your bookshop included in my DRM-free Bookshop list?

The list currently contains over 100 bookshops and receives around 200 hits a month. It directs readers to bookshops that sell e-books without DRM. Each entry provides a brief summary of the retailer, along with information on genres and available book formats.

The list also populates the 'Purchased from' selection of shops on Libreture. Readers can specify where they bought each of their books by choosing a shop from the list. If a reader's collection is visible to the public, the bookshops they bought from are too, along with a direct link to the shop's website!

Get in touch to add your shop to the list.

Add to Libreture

Since your bookshop is in competition with Amazon, let's give each other a leg up.

The large e-book retailers have their own storage infrastructure. Some provide sorting tools and other features to help customers manage their collection. Small bookshops, on the other hand, don't stock enough range to make this a viable solution. Since each independent bookshop stocks a much smaller range than the larger ones, readers must be prepared to visit many different shops. This means they won't have one single place where they can return to for their entire e-book collection. They need somewhere to store all their e-books in one place.

This is where Libreture comes in. An independent e-book infrastructure, paid for by its users, that supports indie e-bookshops.

The Button

Use the Add to Libreture button on your bookshop's library or download page, to allow users to upload books direct to their Libreture accounts.

Your bookshop is automatically tagged as the source shop, meaning anyone viewing that book's page on Libreture will find the link to your site. It's easier for users - reducing the issues that many have with handling their e-book files.


Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (ePub)

Send to Libreture - Coming Soon

To make it even easier for readers to manage their e-books, we will soon be adding the ability to e-mail books direct to Libreture via e-mail.

Simply attaching a book file to an e-mail and sending it to a special Libreture address will automatically add it to your Library.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch about Libreture, feel free to contact me at or Twitter (@libreture) or Mastodon (

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