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Zero Chill


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Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds are more
than happy to put the days of their turbulent courtship behind them. With the
holidays upon them, they’re looking forward to celebrating with friends and
family, intimate moments alone, and festive surprises.

And in Corey’s world, nothing says
Christmas quite like a frozen body. One that Corey must defrost in order to
close out her next case. The discovery of the deceased’s possible connection to
Thayer inflames the still healing wounds of their recent trauma and sends them
both reeling back into a world of uncertainty and turmoil.

With her best friend in tow and the
police not far behind, Corey ends up in the unlikeliest of places—a church.
Along the way hate and violence erupt while corruption abounds. But from the
ashes new relationships are kindled, and even the darkest moments are no match
for Corey and Thayer’s love.

Zero Chill is the highly anticipated sequel to Dirt Nap and Gallows

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