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Ten short stories based on Lee Winter’s fierce and unforgettable ice queens and villains have been gathered into one anthology containing lesbian love, lust, and friendship, and romance.
Find out what happened after Lee’s stories ended, and in one case, before it began. Iconic characters revisited include Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth), Elizabeth Thornton (Breaking Character), Monique Carson (Hotel Queens), Natalya Tsvetnenko (Requiem for Immortals), Catherine Ayers (The Red Files), and Cynthia Redwell (Under Your Skin).
Closeted actresses Elizabeth and Summer come out publicly in Skye Storm’s Invite Absolutely Everyone Ultimate Pool Party.
CEO sex fantasies goddess Monique indulges in sizzling hijinks with the client you’d least expect in Number Five.
There’s a wedding proposal in The Brutal Lie after media mogul Elena has exacted her sweet revenge on a rival for outing her and Maddie.
Ambitious and acidic TV producer Cynthia wakes up the day after Catherine Ayers’s wedding with a hangover and a butch ex-softballer in her bed in When DC Met Iowa.
It’s launch day for reporter Maddie’s book of blogs in Aliens of New York. But her publicist is confounded by the crazy rumor that media mogul Elena Bartell might show up. Why would she?
Sporting goods store manager Dani endures a quirky Aussie Christmas with her secret lesbian lover while facing off against her intimidating Great-Aunt Jean in The Friend.
In Five Times Felicity Met Elena, overlooked lawyer Felicity shares her first impressions of the imposing media legend who will one day become her boss.
Catherine and Lauren, two reporters madly missing each other, make their own sexy fun at an eccentric LA party in Flashbang.
How does a renowned cellist and former Australian assassin cope with retirement from her more lethal habits in Vienna? Find out in Love is Not Nothing.
In First-Class Villains, four villains from multiple Lee Winter books accidentally meet in a fogged-in airport lounge. To pass the time, they place a small wager to decide who is the worst of them all.

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