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When it comes to finding dirt, Evan Reed is the best in the business.

Meet a Catholic priest with a guilty conscience—though not in the way you’d guess. And here’s a Parisian socialite who long ago kicked her self-respect to the curb . . . for good and for ill. And much closer, we have a group of men whose fortunes, graying temples, and positions in life are distinguished and enviable—although their morals prove to be anything but. That’s where Evan Reed comes in. Evan (short for Evangeline) is a highly principled political operative with an imperfect past. She is tasked with uncovering compromising material on a rotten judge up for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, before he can be rushed through confirmation.

Evan knows it won’t be easy to find damaging information against the judge, and her suspicions prove correct. From an interview with a cryptic madman to an urgent mission to save a friend’s life, Evan works to solve a puzzle that gets more complex by the hour. And where crime, money, conscience, and greed come together, danger is sure to lurk.

In this sequel to Dust, Ann McMan takes the reader on an intense journey into a world that lies just beneath the thin veneer of civilization—a world of power struggles, warped desires, and seamy webs of broken promises.

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  • EPUB format
  • ISBN: 9781612941608

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