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In the final sequel of Dark Horizons, ex-soldier Taylor Morgan has no idea how long she’s spent in Daashu, the brutal prison where enemies of the Dominion go to die. She doesn’t know what’s become of the naledai rebellion, or how Earth, her homeworld, is faring against the ikthians. She’s only sure of one thing. Maia is out there somewhere, making a plan to rescue her. Meanwhile, Maia is tormented by guilt. She blames herself for Taylor’s capture, and her research into the shared genetic history of all Milky Way species has been stolen by the Dominion, only to be turned into a deadly biological weapon. With the help of Rachel Harris, Taylor’s best friend; Elurin, an ace pilot and Dominion defector; Akton, a stalwart naledai soldier; and her own traitorous mother, a former Dominion official, Maia must rescue Taylor and stop the Dominion from wiping out the naledai, the humans, and even her own people.  

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