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Compass Rose


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In the year 2513, the only thing higher than the seas
is what’s at stake for those who sail them.
Rose was born facing due north, with an inherent perception of cardinal points flowing through her veins. Her uncanny sense of direction earns her a coveted job within the Archipelago Fleet, but it also attracts the attention of Admiral Comita, who sends her on a secret mission deep into pirate territory.
Aboard the mercenary ship, Man o’ War, Rose joins a ragtag crew under the command of Miranda, a captain as alluring as she is bloodthirsty. Rose quickly learns that trusting the wrong person could get her killed—and Miranda’s crew have no desire to make anything easy for her. If Rose is going to survive the mission, she’s going to have to learn to navigate more than ruthless pirates, jealous crewmates, swarms of deadly jellyfish, and a host of other underwater perils. Above all, she’s going to need a strategy to resist Miranda’s magnetic pull.

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  • EPUB format
  • ISBN: 9781612941202

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