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The Osiris Ritual

by George Mann

DEATH stalks London and the newspapers proclaim that a mummy's curse has been unleashed. Sir Maurice Newbury, Gentleman Investigator for the Crown, is drawn into a web of occult intrigue as he attempts to solve the murders. And he soon finds himself on the trail of a rogue agent - a man who died to be reborn as a living weapon.
Newbury's able assistant, Miss Veronica Hobbes, has her own mystery to unravel. Girls are going missing from a magician's theatre show. But what appears to be a straightforward investigation puts Miss Hobbes in mortal danger.
Can Newbury save his assistant, solve the riddle of the mummy's curse, capture the deadly man-machine - and stop the terrifying Osiris Ritual from reaching its infernal culmination?
The second Newbury & Hobbes adventure is a thrilling mystery featuring rooftop chases, swordfights, an exhilarating steampunk car chase, and a race through the London Underground. If you enjoyed The Affinity Bridge, you will love The Osiris Ritual.

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