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Firebug (Crystal Lake Shorts, #4)


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<p>Fires are being started in abandoned warehouses in the older industrial area of&nbsp;San&nbsp;Francisco,&nbsp;and none of the professionals in the fire department can figure&nbsp;out how they&#39;re being&nbsp;started in order&nbsp;to catch the arsonist.&nbsp;<br /><br />What is the motive?&nbsp;<br />Why is the arsonist setting fires?&nbsp;<br />Insurance?&nbsp;<br />Revenge?&nbsp;<br />Some kind of psychological perversion<br /><br />This story is merely a glimpse of Gene O&rsquo;Neill&rsquo;s work. If you enjoy &ldquo;Firebug,&rdquo; be sure to pick up Gene&rsquo;s <em>Frozen Shadows and Other Chilling </em>Stories collection, available from <strong>Crystal Lake Publishing&mdash;Tales from the Darkest Depths</strong>.</p>

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