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Breach - Issue #09: NZ and Australian SF, Horror and Dark Fantasy (Sample)


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Our last issue of 2018, Breach #09 is a delicious bag of goodies overflowing with cyberpunk dystopias, nightmare arborists and a dark take on a classic fairy tale.

Lazarus Gray's Any Death Will Do looks at the aftermath of an alien invasion, and Piper Mejia's Planned and Expected explores the aftermath of a world war. Melanie Harding-Shaw and Toni Wi's stories both feature trees - and blood, eyeballs, nightmares and monsters in the dark.

The Cancer Giver is a brilliant addition to Hari Navarro's growing collection of new weird speculative fiction, while Ronnie Smart's The Prince of Despair closes the book with his twisted version of the Rapunzel fairy tale. Rebecca Fraser's poetry offers a nightmare vision among the wires, branches and digital cat piss of the rest of #09.

Oliver Hayes' cover just kicks total ass.

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