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Betrayal: Historical Stories


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Betrayal, treachery, treason, deceit, perfidy – all names for the calculated violation of trust. And it’s been rife since humans trod the earth.

A promise broken
A mission betrayed
A lover’s desertion
A parent’s deception
An unwitting act of treason
Betrayal by comrades
Betrayal by friends

Could you resist the forces of misplaced loyalty, power hunger, emotional blackmail, or plain greed? Is there ever redemption, or will the destruction visit future generations and even alter history? These questions are still with us today.

Read twelve tales by twelve accomplished writers who explore these historical yet timeless challenges from post Roman Britain to the present day.

AD 455 – Roman leader Ambrosius is caught in a whirlpool of shifting allegiances
10th century – Cleric Dunstan must negotiate in the Saxon court
1185 – Stephan learns that comradeship, duty and honour are not enough, but love?
1330 – The powerful Edmund of Kent enters a tangled web of intrigue
1403 – Thomas Percy must decide whether to betray his sovereign or his family
1457 – Estelle is invited to the King of Cyprus’s court, but deception awaits
1483 – Has Elysabeth made the right decision to bring Prince Edward to London?
1484 – Margaret Beaufort contemplates the path to treason
1577 – Francis Drake contends with disloyalty at sea
1650 – Can James Hart, Royalist highwayman, stop a nemesis destroying his friend?
1718 – Pirate Annie Bonny, her lover Calico Jack and a pirate hunter. But who wins?
1849/present – Carina must discover her ancestor’s betrayer in Italy or face ruin.

"Betrayal: Historical Stories showcases some of the best writing in historical fiction today. It is a pure pleasure to read." – History... The Interesting Bits

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