Latest Humble Bundle: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Take a look at the latest e-book bundle from Humble and Packt Publishing.


The latest Humble E-Book Bundle provides $1,532 worth of DRM-free books on Blockchain and cryptocurrency from Packt Publishing.

Running for another 12 days, this bundle includes titles such as Blockchain By Example and Hands-On Blockchain for Python Developers, as well as videos like Ethereum Projects and Blockchain Real World Projects.

All e-books are in multiple formats for all your reading devices and since they're published by Packt, they're sure to be of the highest quality.

Humble E-Book Bundle: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency by Packt


The bundle's tiers start at $1 and increase to $15 for the full bundle.


Includes 3 e-books and 2 videos.


As well as the previous tier's content, this tier includes an additional 6 e-books and 2 videos.


The full tier includes all other tier content and an additional 9 e-books and 3 videos.


Like other Humble e-book bundles, there's plenty here to get you started in the field or to dig deeper into the topic. Take a look:

Humble E-Book Bundle: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency by Packt


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