The Innovative Worlds Bundle

The latest e-book bundle from StoryBundle is curated by Tenea D. Johnson and available to buy today!


Get ten DRM-free ebooks and immerse yourself and learn something new, see a trope turned on its head, meet characters that will frequent the passages of your mind, navigating by the spark of newness they carry through the gloom!

Innovative worlds can shine as an example of what to be or provide respite from what, if only temporarily, is. Or they can make you appreciate what ain't broke.

StoryBundle uses a tiered pay-what-you-want model, and each book comes in both DRM-free ePub (for all devices, except Kindle) and Mobi (for Kindle) formats.

For the minimum of $5, you'll get the basic bundle of four books:

  • Blueprints for Better Worlds by Tenea D. Johnson
  • An Agent of Utopia by Andy Duncan
  • When Fox Is a Thousand by Larissa Lai
  • Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get all four books from the basic bundle, plus six more more books, for a total of ten!

  • Smoketown by Tenea D. Johnson
  • Questionable Practices by Eileen Gunn
  • Moonflower, Nightshade, All the Hours of the Day by JD Scott (StoryBundle Exclusive!)
  • The Long Past & Other Stories by Ginn Hale
  • Future Fiction edited by Bill Campbell & Francesco Verso
  • Let's Play White by Chesya Burke

In case you didn't notice that means for $15 you can get ten books to own, keep, and read on any of your favourite devices!

The authors of these 10 works include World Fantasy, Parallax, Lambda, Sturgeon, Nebula, Sense of Gender, Gaylactic Spectrum, and Duggins Prize for Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Award winners. All have excelled at characterization, worldbuilding and voice to give us innovative words to immerse ourselves in, rediscover what we think we know anew and renew us.– Tenea D. Johnson

This bundle is available for a limited time direct from StoryBundle. Grab your fantastic deal and add it to your Libreture library today!

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